Chubby Fly Fishing

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Written by Beloslav Nikolov
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Chub fly fishing

How to fly fishing chubs?

In our rivers has enough big chubs. Chub is interesting for fishing not only during the spring and summer, but in the autumn. The little chub is ubiquitous and usually fished with bleak.

Chub loves dry and wet flies that imitate large caterpillars and beetles. The best colors for catching chub are black and brown, also nice and classic versions of flies are Red Tag and Black Zulu, in which the black color is combined with red. The size of the flies may be different, the hooks № 6-8, or a small 12-14. Nymphs are not prefered by chubs, but can be caught on a streamer or with other flies.

If you decide to hunt wet fly, leading her to the surface. In turbid water the diameter of the fiber does not matter. When you enter the water, observe reasonable distance. First oblovete areas around yourself, do not rush to untwist the entire cord. Chub are very careful and will cease to bite, if above his head to and fro moves cord. Throw the fly 15-20 meters across and downstream. Keep track of the movement of the tip of the rod, the cord should be straight, but not tense. You can relive the movement of the fly, holding the cord or pull it.
Pecking feels differently: as a shock, as retention cord by hammering often nothing feels all depends on the direction of the attack of the fish. If you noticed waves or another sign of the fish in the area of ​​your fly together detect. Consider the fact that around there may be another nice fish rose by pulling on the cord with your left hand without lifting the rod up with the whole string. Try to move fish from prospective space away, otherwise you will have long to wait until they return to the place frightened neighbors.
In many of our rivers is interesting hunting of big chub, especially in small rivers clean. Large flocks of chubs stand slowly over or in pits near the clear rocky areas. Often chubs remains in the cold clear water throughout the summer and early fall, during the day hiding in the coastal shrubs. Important condition is closer unnoticed and very accurately submit fly. Stop at such a distance that light to see the fish, then it will not respond. Place occasion thinner than 0.14 or 0.17 depending on the size of the exposed fish. Allow the fly freely swim to fish. Try fly naturally to descend along. In herd chub usually have different sizes and temperament, some of them will be interested in the fly. Just stay calm. When the fish approaches or recedes, pay so much adrenaline in the blood that often fisherman detects nerve and failure is guaranteed. Wait a second detect. If fish is not paying any attention to the floating fly, and that it frequently, especially on hot days, try to diversify movement - movement imitate an insect, try getting a fly over the head of the fish. You can change the fly by using a different size and color. External sluggish fish can bite your bait.
When the weather is sunny, chub keenly interested in what happens on the surface, but dark days rarely rises. Then catching a wet fly in the layer of water. Pecking in calm water is often imperceptible, chub take fly very delicate, a cord is not felt, so watch carefully. If you notice a wave, suspicious movement or the fish is stoped to the fly, immediately detected it. But everything should be done gently, empty detection scares the fish and take time to get her interested again.
The fly fishing for chub is very sporty and emotional, this fish is a worthy opponent. The end of a such match is to release the fish back into the water.

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