Fly fishing for Trout

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Written by Beloslav Nikolov
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Fly fishing trout

Fly Fishing for Trout

The prospects for a good catch are much larger as the better imitation in size and similarity in shape and color of real insects. 

Fly fishing is an extreme sport for which you will need and proper equipment. If you are a novice fly fisherman, use a rod with a length of 2:10 to 2:40 river and dam - 2.70 m, 4-5 grade, with tapering at the top floating fly shnur.Ot what you choose depends on whether cord will be floating or sinking. The stick and cord must comply with the indications that are written by the manufacturer on the label on the cord itself stick. The reel is attached at the lower end of the stick just below the arm. This achieves maximum balance that is particularly needed in a haul. When fishing a lake with a streamer or nymph strive to haul as far as possible. If you are skillful enough and crafted a successful fly strive to laying the cord utmost care and precision to drop the fly first.

Since flies have little own weight, distance casting depends on the class and type of cord. Casting is done with frequent, regular expansions forward and back, as the cord polagaopanat above water. It is recommended that artificial flies are light in color and must dry. The exception is when you hunt with a sinking line of nymph or streamer. Then you can use flies with darker okraska.Osobeno surefire choice chervenoopashatestata Palmer hook № 14. Try and imitation grasshopper or just watch the pond and crafted something on the spot. The options are selected and whether to hunt in daylight or in the dark part of the day.

You can tell when a bit Pablo and Pablo fish - trout climbs up and attacks the fly. Adequate reaction on your part should be immediately lift the rod and detection. Detects very sharp because the fish are likely to be off, and with it to be simple and chosen fly. One of the most important things is precisely the choice of successful fly. And there is nothing more enjoyable than luck is achieved with a fly made personally by you, then satisfaction is double.