Large chubs

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Written by Beloslav Nikolov
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Large Chub fishing

Fly fishing big chubs

Absolutely true that the bigest chubs  from an elbow and up get ripped hard to bite the bait. Years ago, I've fished with live bait. 

My observations show that most fishermen artificial fly fishing good number chubs, but mostly midgets. Large chubs have their place, which inhabit the fisherman must know it.

What I've noticed is that big chub not stand in the shallow places. It's standing in the deep space around fallen trees, reefs and other natural shelters, overhanging trees, small bays with cane, etc. Large specimens usually sit at the ends of a large pool, especially at the top end. As a rule kephale has turned his head toward the stream because it is waiting to bring him something to eat. For this and my tactics always to go upstream to me sees and feels the waves create when moving. Polarized Sunglasses help many angler to see what's in front of him underwater.
Where there is a mullet, there are at least 5-6 about him. Old and edat mullet is clever, he always leaves the younger ie smaller maples to attack first. This creates a great inconvenience because always MALI gobbling up the bait first. And catch a midget, it sloshes and the big and clever chub has hidden. This disadvantage is overcome with greater bait that is not on the mouth of small maples. The small mullet after the first attack, if it fails to gobble usually banished from the larger. Here is the key.
The most important in chub fishing is correct throw. Dad taught me this technique with Laffan "kephale wants to throw behind him, not in the mouth". The most effective is the goal of a 10 cm from the edge of the shore. True risk of snagging and tearing very large, but such is the price of big chub.
Angler must be hidden and quiet, however the filing of the fly must be accompanied by a clap. No matter how strong it is, if the bait is made of 5-10 cm from the coast but in deep space, the more severe the reaction of the fish found there. Water boils straight. A little patience to cavort small fishes and then it comes the big chub and time for fishing it.