Flies for Trout

trout 400x400The body of trout is round and slightly flattened laterally, covered with small flakes. In the upper and lower jaw are visible tiny teeth. Back colors varies, but in most cases is olive-strewn wrong with black and red spots. Length reaches 20 cm, rarely up to 65 cm. Trout is a typical denizen of alpine lakes and streams where the water is clear and cold. Sexual maturity occurs in 3-4 years. Мating season is from October to December. Hatchability took place in March-April. Trout feed on larvae of various insects that lay their eggs in water, water beetles, tadpoles, and when is older - with fish (fellows, bullhead, minnow). Trout often jumping over the water and catch butterflies and other insects in the air.
Fly fishing was invented to catch trout. Dry flies, nymphs and all imitations of May flies, caddis flies and ants are preferred.

Type fish
1,10 BGN each Yellow partridge - flyfising
4 4 1 Product

1,10 BGN each Caddis - flyfishing
4 4 1 Product

1,10 BGN each Red tag - fly fishing
3 4 3 Product

1,10 BGN each Red tag - cork fly
4 4 2 Product

1,10 BGN each Red tag - beetle
4 4 1 Product

1,10 BGN each Nymphs - flyfishing
4 4 1 Product

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