CORK FLIES - Fly Fishing

corkThe biggest advantage of cork in fly fishing is that it never sank. Cork are treated with a cigarette lighter or a candle, having cauterize is formed with fingers and thereby gives a dark brown or black color. The difficulty is in attachment for the hook because of his hardness. The hardness of the bait in some cases is more important than its taste, but withstand multiple bites.
Our cork flies are very securely fastened, always swim and withstand repeated use without changing the size and its properties.

Type fish
1,10 BGN each Green bottle fly
4 4 1 Product

1,10 BGN each Bee for flyfishing
4 4 2 Product

1,10 BGN each Cricket for fly fishing
3 4 3 Product

1,10 BGN each Wasp - cork flyfishing
4 4 1 Product

1,10 BGN each Red tag - cork fly
4 4 2 Product

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